Attendance Codes


  • A minimum of 90% attendance is a must to be qualified for the NEB & TU final examinations.
  • Absentees, without prior written application or without prior telephone call by the parents/guardians, must pay a fine of 100.00 per day.
  • Students who remain absent in the class shall inform the college administration by phone call on the very day and must produce guardian-signed application on the next day for the leave approval.
  • In case of bunking the class students will be suspended for two days and if repeatedly bunked that will lead to expulsion as well.
  • Absence due to ill health should be informed promptly. Guardians or parents should authenticate the leave application by signing on it along with the doctor’s prescription-if possible.
  • Students who remain absent without prior information to the college administration for more than 15 days are subject to expulsion from the college.
  • Once the teacher enters the class, students will not be allowed to enter without the permission slip.