Discipline Codes


  • Students must follow AADIM code of conduct. Irresponsible and impolite behavior will be considered as an act of indiscipline. Serious misconduct will be considered as sufficient reason for expulsion.
  • Students should maintain strict avoidance from smoking or chewing tobacco and gums in the college premises, in the college buses or anywhere while being in the college uniform or otherwise will be suspended even without a further chance of clarification or notification to their parents/guardians. Repetition of the same act will result into expulsion from the college eventually.
  • Students must compensate all the expenses for any loss or damage, if caused by them, to the college property.
  • +2 Level students are strictly prohibited to ride motorbike in the college uniform.
  • Students are strictly restricted from visiting parties, cafes, restaurants and picnics (except organized by AADIM) in the college uniform and so, if found committing the same, the college management reserves a right to take any action without prior notice to the parents/guardians.
  • Students will be warned of their minor misconducts for a timely correction and in case of repetition of the misconducts alleged; parents/guardians will be notified accordingly. But in case of gross violation such as; possession, use and peddling of drugs, alcohol, stealing or damaging college property, vandalism or group fight, the college reserves a right to expel the defaulter/s without any explanation or written notice in advance.
  • Students should come at or before 6:30 am for morning shift and at or before 11:15 am for day shift. Late comers will be warned at the beginning for their late arrival followed at least 2 day- suspend in case of repeated late arrival.
  • Student should compulsorily bring subject text books and necessary materials like calculator, graphs, stationeries etc.
  • Student should maintain standard note copy, name sticker and log table as prescribed by the college.